TECH Clean California’s Learn & Earn Program

Earn FREE Heat Pump Water Heaters for Your Staff

Step 1: Enroll

Step 2: Training

  • Register for and complete the TECH & ESMAC Heat Pump Water Heater Education Training.
  • Complete an additional, live training with a heat pump water heater manufacturer.
  • In this training, the manufacturer will confirm that the participant understands unit sizing, use of thermostatic mixing valves, location considerations, and CTA-2045 ports.
  • The manufacturer will send a Certificate of Completion to the participant and TECH Clean California.

Step 3: Select Your Water Heater

  • After we have verified that the participant has completed these steps, the participant will receive a participation form to fill out. TECH Clean California will then submit the order through the participant's preferred distributor and pay the cost of the heat pump water heater.

Step 4: Pickup

  • The participant will be notified by TECH Clean California when units are ready for pick up.
  • Please note that participating contractors will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the process. These terms and the agreement are in the participation form.

Step 5: Send Verification

  • Once installation is complete, the participant will submit photos of installation and installation data for verification purposes.

Participation Rules

  • The participant must be enrolled in TECH Clean California.
  • The participant’s contractor firm must hold a C20, C36, or General B License – see details here.
  • The participant must have attended and completed the TECH Clean California & ESMAC Intro to Heat Pump Water Heater Education webinar training. To confirm completion, it is required to complete the post-training survey.
  • The participant must attend a qualifying manufacturer installation training course and receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • The participant is required to install a thermostatic mixing valve and enroll in demand response and time-of-use program.
  • Units received must be installed at the training attendee's home or business/shop. These installations will be part of TECH Clean California’s larger data collection and reporting process.
  • There is a limit of 6 units per contracting firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

The person who owns the residence (or business) where the unit is installed owns the heat pump water heater. When the units are picked up from the distributor, the contractor assumes ownership, and ownership passes to the employee who is receiving the unit once installed.

For product support or warranty information, go to the manufacturer of your heat pump water heater. Products retain the same warranty the manufacturer offers for their products.

Yes, units given away through this program are recorded in the program database and claimed as program installs, which makes them part of the tracked data set for TECH Clean California.

Yes, installed thermostatic mixing valves are a program requirement.

No, as they are receiving the unit(s) for free, incentives do not apply. As mentioned above, these units are tracked once they are assigned to the participant.

Yes! 120V Heat pump water heaters are eligible. Please note, some 120V units have embedded thermostatic mixing valves. Please confirm product specifications for the specific unit prior to purchasing an additional thermostatic mixing valve.

No, each participating contractor firm is eligible to receive only one split heat pump water heater system.

No. These units are for training purposes for you and your staff so that you can be more familiar with them when you sell to your customers. (One heat pump water heater per employee that completes all requirements and only one SanCo2 unit per company)

Share Your Heat Pump Water Heater Story

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