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Creating pathways to achieve California's decarbonization goals

TECH Clean California is a statewide initiative to accelerate the adoption of clean space and water heating technology across California homes in order to help create an equitable pathway to carbon-free homes by 2045 and install six million heat pumps by 2030.

TECH Clean California Goals

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Make installing heat pumps easy and accessible for contractors and customers

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Demonstrate scalable solutions to key market barriers via regional pilot projects

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Inform California’s decarbonization decision-making with public data, analyses, and case studies

Why heat pumps?

Heat pumps are ideal for California's dry, temperate climate and can be used for space heating, air conditioning, and water heating. Heat pumps also give customers greater control than conventional technologies, which leads to more comfortable homes.

According to the California Air Resources Board, 85 percent of on-site building emissions come from space and water heating and cooling. Heat pumps are key to decarbonizing buildings and achieving California's zero-carbon goals.

"I think the heat pump water heater performs much better than the previous gas water heater. We have had no complaints about hot water supply and the energy usage is way, way down."

- Customer testimonial, New Buildings Institute's Quick Start Grant final report Statewide 120v HPWH Field Study


Customer Incentives & Resources

Visit The Switch is On site to find a contractor and learn more about rebates available in your area (including TECH Clean California incentives)


contractors enrolled


units installed

$75+ million

in incentives paid


metric tons CO2e/year of greenhouse gas savings

According to an Opinion Dynamics' online survey that reached 300 single-family TECH Heat Pump Water Heater homeowners and renters between Nov and Dec of 2022 (full report):

  • Three-quarters of respondents chose the highest level of satisfaction with their HPWH.
  • Most TECH customers found their HPWH to be a good investment and are likely to recommend it.
  • Those likely to recommend a HPWH found it cost-effective, high-quality, and beneficial to the environment.