Incentives Relaunch April 25 to Help California Homeowners Electrify

April 25, 2023, Sacramento, CA

California’s award-winning heat pump program, TECH Clean California, has relaunched incentives for heat pumps for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning through TECH-certified contractors.

Now in its second year, TECH Clean California has over 1,000 enrolled contractors who can help households claim $1,000 for new heat pump HVAC systems, with up to two incentivized systems per home for a total of $2,000 when replacing a gas appliance. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, the program’s multifamily incentives will be available by early June and will include up to $2,000 for heat pump HVAC systems per unit and $2,100 for heat pump water heaters. Single family incentives for heat pump water heaters will launch later this year starting at $3,100 per unit.

TECH Clean California has been allocated $145 million over the next two years, including $50 million in 2023 and $95 million in 2024 pending annual budget approval. These funds are designed to help accelerate the market for heat pump technology across the state through incentives, workforce training, and consumer education to create a pathway for meeting California’s targets of six million heat pumps by 2030 and carbon-free, climate-ready homes by 2045. At least 40 percent of the funds will be committed to low-income households and disadvantaged communities.

The incentives arrive as Californians are facing soaring gas heating bills, severe pollution, and longer and more intense extreme heat events during summer months. Electric heat pumps, which can both heat and cool a home with a single system, can help reduce utility bills because they’re up to three to four times more efficient than standard air conditioners or furnaces. They can also improve indoor and outdoor air quality, provide critical cooling in extreme heat, and air filtration benefits against pollution and wildfire smoke.

Homeowners can take advantage of limited-time incentives in California and find pre-qualified, TECH-certified contractors on the Switch Is On website. The Switch Is On has also launched a new Training Hub to help contractors access trainings from industry experts.

Stay up to date on available TECH budget by clicking on the Budget Report on the Public Data section of our website.

The TECH Clean California initiative is funded by California ratepayers and taxpayers and administered by Southern California Edison Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. The TECH Clean California team is led by Energy Solutions and partners with Ardenna Energy, Association of Energy Affordability, Building Decarbonization Coalition, Electrify My Home, Frontier Energy, National Comfort Institute, Energy Outlet, Recurve Analytics, The Ortiz Group, Tre’ Laine Associates, and VEIC.