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TECH Contractor Training Calendar (February–June 2023)

View and register for upcoming contractor trainings:

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Utility-Sponsored Trainings

FREE heat pump HVAC and heat pump water heater training opportunities hosted by utility training centers:

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ItsAboutQ Online HVAC Training Program

FREE HVAC training opportunities to prepare contractors for the Technical Core Assessment and NATE technician certification:

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TECH Clean California’s Learn & Earn Program

TECH Clean California will sponsor the purchase of hybrid units for contractors in areas where there are limited options for customers interested in having a heat pump deliver their hot water needs.

Contractors must be trained on hybrid water heater installation and work directly with a manufacturer for support as part of participation in this sub-program. Learn more by reading the flyer linked below:

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Thermostatic Mixing Valve Training Course

Host: AEA

Course Description: This course provides an overview of how thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) increase energy efficiency and comfort for residents. TMVs are code in many jurisdictions and a program requirement for California’s HPWH programs, including TECH Clean California. Max Rohr of Caleffi Hydronic Solutions presents on how to install and use TMVs for heat pump water heater systems in existing homes.

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