Multifamily Meetings

Multifamily Stakeholder Meeting - January 26, 2022

This stakeholder meeting provided a TECH overview, discussion of available multifamily incentives, multifamily pilot strategies, contractor trainings, resources and next steps.

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TECH Electrification Knowledge Hub

Host: AEA

Site Description: The TECH Electrification Knowledge Hub offers comprehensive education, exclusive training, and support to equip yourself in joining this exciting electric market transformation opportunity delivered by industry experts. Learn about Heat Pump HVAC and water heater technologies, the benefits of electrification, design and specification information, and TECH Clean California. Create user account here.

TECH Required Participating Contractor Onboarding Training Courses

  • TECH Clean California Overview
  • IRIS Incentive Processing
  • TECH HPWH Load Shifting Training
  • TECH Multifamily Overview and Incentive Process – Coming soon

Other Suggested Courses:

  • Residential Space Conditioning and Water Heating (Single Family)
  • Installing Individual Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Training Video
  • Multifamily Building Professionals
  • Single Family Contractors and Professionals

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TECH Partner Flyer

Learn more about how you can help shape the TECH initiative

Transforming the Heat Pump Market: TECH Clean California coordinates residential heat pump efforts across the entire supply chain from manufacturers, distributors, retailers, contractors to consumers to make heat pumps the preferred technology for residential space and water heating.

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Inflation Reduction Act

The Federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will provide tax credits and incentives for clean heating and cooling in homes starting in 2023. These federal incentives will be in addition to the California state incentives that are available for TECH Clean California.

What We Know

Learn about how the IRA impacts High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebates, Whole-Home Energy Efficiency Program (HOMES) and State-Based Home Energy Efficiency Contractor Training Grants (50123)


View this visual to get a better understanding of rebates and potential energy savings that will be made possible for single and multifamily properties

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Demand Response & TMVs

HPWH Demand Response Programs Overview

TECH Clean California contractors can earn $50 in extra incentives and increase the value that their customers get from their new HPWH by helping their customers enroll in one of a handful of programs. These programs will help customers save on their electricity bills, and many of them actually pay customers to sign up. This flyer describes each of the available programs for HPWH customers to enroll in and how contractors can help them do so.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Training

Host: AEA

Course Description: Max Rohr of Caleffi Hydronic Solutions presents on how to install and use thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) for heat pump water heater systems in existing homes. The course provides an overview of how TMVs increase energy efficiency and comfort for residents. TMV’s are code in many jurisdictions and a program requirement for California’s HPWH programs including TECH Clean California.

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