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TECH Contractor Training Calendar (February–June 2023)

View and register for upcoming contractor trainings:

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Utility-Sponsored Trainings

FREE heat pump HVAC and heat pump water heater training opportunities hosted by utility training centers:

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ItsAboutQ Online HVAC Training Program

FREE HVAC training opportunities to prepare contractors for the Technical Core Assessment and NATE technician certification:

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TECH Clean California’s Learn & Earn Program

TECH Clean California will sponsor the purchase of hybrid units for contractors in areas where there are limited options for customers interested in having a heat pump deliver their hot water needs.

Contractors must be trained on hybrid water heater installation and work directly with a manufacturer for support as part of participation in this sub-program. Learn more by reading the flyer linked below:

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Best Practices for the Retrofit Installation of HPWHs

Author: Richard Heath & Associates, Inc.

This document includes the most current best practices for unitary HPWH systems collaboratively developed by industry experts. The best practices are not meant to serve as a comprehensive training tool. Instead, this document was developed to help instructors and others cross-reference existing content to identify potential gaps.

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