Multifamily Pilot

The Multifamily Pilot encompasses three strategies to address key challenges to heat pump adoption in multifamily properties.

  1. The Portfolio Roadmap component supports owners in developing a roadmap for transitioning their portfolio to all-electric.
  2. The Central Heat Pump Water Heater (CHPWH) component provides design and installation technical assistance, pre- and post-install system-based monitoring, and enhanced incentives to support owners transitioning to CHPWHs.
  3. The Property Electrification Readiness Plan component offers technical assistance to develop a property-level plan to change in-unit water heating and HVAC equipment to heat pumps through an upgrade-at-change-out approach. This component includes incentives for electrical infrastructure upgrades.

Additional information on multifamily incentives, trainings, and pilots is available on the Multifamily Information page