Heat Pump Water Heater Load Shifting Pilot

Pilot Purpose

Contractors who install Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs) are key actors facilitating the new appliances’ grid connection at the time of installation and influencing whether or not the new appliances are set up to shift demand to times of day that maximize benefits to the electric grid and are cheaper for the customer to operate.  The primary goal of the HPWH Load-Shifting Pilot is to empower contractors with the information and motivation to enable HPWHs to shift load at the time of installation and to understand which contractor engagement tactics are most effective.

Load Shifting Program Enrollment Incentive

TECH Clean California contractors can earn $50 in extra incentives and increase the value that their customers get from their new HPWH by helping their customers enroll in a Load Shifting program. These programs will help customers save on their electricity bills, and many of them actually pay customers to sign up. The TECH Electrification Knowledge Hub has a new onboarding training with more details on why it’s important for contractors to help customers enroll in these programs at the time of installation, and how contractors earn the $50 incentive.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Training Video

Use of TMV’s guarantees consistent hot water temperatures and allows for higher tank heat settings. Higher heat settings kill bacteria, which is important in some residential and many commercial settings. Higher heat and using a TMV also increases the hot water capacity of the tank and helps customers participate in electricity demand reduction programs – saving them money. TMV’s are code in many jurisdictions and a program requirement for California’s heat pump water heater programs.