Our Approach

TECH Clean California offers incentives, pilot activities, technical assistance, and training to address barriers associated with clean space and water heating technologies across California homes. This is how we will transform the market through our work:

The 3 Pillars of TECH

Spur the clean heating market through statewide strategies
Create scalable models through regional pilots
Inform long-term building decarbonization framework

Incentives for Installations & Upgrades

TECH Clean California is designed to motivate the supply chain and increase consumer demand by providing incentives to contractors to recommend and install heat pump technologies in their customers’ homes. TECH Clean California provides technical and sales training for contractors to build their electrification business and makes it easy to access statewide incentives that make heat pump technology more affordable.

According to an Opinion Dynamics online survey of 300 single-family TECH Heat Pump Water Heater homeowners and renters between Nov and Dec, 2022 (full report):

  • Three-quarters of respondents chose the highest level of satisfaction with their HPWH.
  • Most TECH customers found their HPWH to be a good investment and are likely to recommend it.
  • Those likely to recommend a HPWH found it cost-effective, high-quality, and beneficial to the environment.

Learn more about incentives at the link below.


Regional Pilots

A key initiative of TECH Clean California is to deploy pilot programs that test solutions to market barriers impeding the adoption of heat pump space and water heating in single and multifamily homes.

Learn more about our current pilots.

Quick Start Grants

The Quick Start Grant incentive program is designed to find and fund targeted, innovative pilots that test approaches to overcoming market barriers to heat pump space and water heating adoption.

Environmental Social Justice

TECH Clean California supports access to low-interest financing by helping to expand REEL and Affordable Multifamily Financing (AMF). We are also providing hands-on support for contractors who serve and hire from low-income communities. We can help these contractors gain the licenses to complete projects and help grow their workforce to support an expanding industry. Notably, 40 percent of program spending will be targeted toward low-income and disadvantaged communities.


Policy and Data Reporting

TECH Clean California is committed to collecting and publishing sales data, energy, and greenhouse gas impacts to inform California’s long-term decarbonization strategy. We believe that the more information we all have, the better decisions we can make to reach our goals.