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TECH Clean California’s Heat Pump Market Transformation Approach: Lessons Learned in Year 1

Authors: Teddy Kisch (Energy Solutions), Alison Seel (VEIC), Rory Cox (California Public Utilities Commission), Dylan Sarkisian (Energy Solutions), Evan Kamei (Energy Solutions), Peter Florin, (Energy Solutions)

Tags: Program Reporting


Engaging Contractors: a Critical Partner to Realize the Load Shifting Potential of HPWHs

Authors: Emily Kehmeier, Energy Solutions, Christine Riker, Energy Solutions, JJ Vandette, VEIC and Nick Dirr, Association for Energy Affordability

Tags: Load-shifting, HPWH


Meter-Based Targeting for Beneficial Electrification at Scale

Authors: Mia Hermine Oppelstrup (Recurve), Bruce Mast (Ardenna Energy), Adam Scheer (Recurve), Dylan Sarkisian (Energy Solutions), Beckie Menten (East Bay Community Energy), Nicole Kim (Recurve)

Tags: Program Reporting


Best Practices for the Retrofit Installation of HPWHs

Author: Richard Heath & Associates, Inc.

This document includes the most current best practices for unitary HPWH systems collaboratively developed by industry experts. The best practices are not meant to serve as a comprehensive training tool. Instead, this document was developed to help instructors and others cross-reference existing content to identify potential gaps.

Tags: Contractor, HPWH

Case Study

Multifamily Pilot: Central Heat Pump Water Heater Monitoring

Part 1: Issues That Affect Performance and Sizing

Tags: HPWH