Public Data

Project Data Visualizations

Use the maps and graphs below to explore TECH project data.

The data source for these visuals is the set of all fully paid TECH incentive applications. Each incentive application is for a qualified project that involved installing a heat pump water heater (HPWH) or heat pump space conditioning (HP HVAC) system. The latest installation date shown in these maps and graphs will always be 3-6 weeks earlier than the current date. Data is refreshed on a monthly basis.

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Download Data
Download anonymized data about projects that received TECH Clean California incentives.


Project Data Visualizations
Explore TECH Clean California project data using interactive maps and graphs.


Contractor Data
Search for contractors who perform heat pump water heater or heat pump HVAC installations in your county.


Evaluation Studies
Gain insight into the customer and contractor experiences and read studies conducted on the heat pump market.


Equity Budget and Spending
View the TECH Clean California Equity Budget and Spending Report.


Results & Reporting
Read program wide reporting, stakeholder meeting notes, quick start grant and pilot reports.