2021 Quick Start Grant Recipients

Redwood Coast Energy Authority


Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) will expand outreach and electrification support to rural and Native American communities in Humboldt County that currently rely on unregulated fuels. These communities now qualify for TECH incentives where previous incentives hadn't been available.

Market Barrier

Users of unregulated fuels—such as propane, kerosene, fuel oil, diesel and cordwood—have typically been ineligible for energy efficiency or fuel-switching incentives. While these excluded customers are within gas service territory, they have never been connected to the gas system and are thus ineligible for incentives funded by and open only to utility ratepayers. These customers, who tend to be more rural, isolated, and lower-income than average, are subject to higher fuel costs, adverse health impacts from poorer indoor air quality, and greater difficulty in acquiring and maintaining an adequate supply of fuel.

Proposed Solution

RCEA will combine TECH equipment rebates, additional rebates from internal funds, and new community outreach staff and resources to connect with customers in rural and remote communities—many of which correspond with Tribal lands and off-reservation land with significant Native American populations—with the goal of motivating 20 heat pump installations during the grant period.

Theory of Change

RCEA is a founding member of the statewide Rural Hard-to-Reach Working Group; lessons learned from this project, including a plan for future funding, will be shared with this group to facilitate similar projects assisting rural customers throughout California.

Project Status:

In progress

Housing Type:

Single-family, including mobile homes


Mini-split ASHP and HPWH


Humboldt County (RCEA service territory)