2022 Quick Start Grant Recipients

Bright Power

Aligning Utility Allowances with Electrification

Main research question: How can barriers created by an unfavorable utility allowances schedule be overcome?


Bright Power and Climate Action Campaign will improve the lives of affordable housing residents by 1) facilitating heat pump installation in affordable housing through utility allowance research and education and 2) by providing learnings that can be used to overcome utility allowance barriers statewide.

Market barrier

Utility allowances are an important tool for creating and preserving affordable housing, but they can create disincentives for energy efficiency and electrification. Inaccurate and outdated utility allowances, coupled with a lower cost of gas relative to electricity, can make it more expensive for affordable housing owners to operate buildings with all-electric appliances—including heat pump systems—than gas appliances.

Proposed solution

Guide an affordable property owner through the utility allowance process and heat pump installation at a multifamily property to 1) develop a better understanding of which utility allowance and knowledge areas are most important for increasing heat pump adoption and 2) document rate and rent impacts before and after heat pump installation.

Theory of change

This pilot will provide insights into utility allowance conditions and impacts and help building owners understand electrification-friendly utility allowances and heat pump benefits, encouraging them to install heat pumps instead of gas furnaces and conventional air conditioners.

Project Status:

In progress

Housing Type:

Affordable multifamily


All heat pump technologies


SoCalGas territory