2022 Quick Start Grant Recipients

Goodwill Southern California

Career Pathways to Advance the HVAC Trades in Heat Pump Services

Research Questions

  • Is proper preparation through education, work experience and access to tools of the trade the critical component to employment success and retention in the HVAC sector in general and in work involving heat pump installation and maintenance in particular?
  • Is the HVAC Career Pathways Program developed by PATHS and a focus on heat pump installation and maintenance replicable?

Value for the TECH Incentive Program

This pilot will expand the base of contractors available for state-of-the-art heat pump installations.


This pilot will support workforce placement and preparation efforts in the HVAC trades, with a focus on heat pump technologies.  This pilot will offer instruments through the Career Tools program to qualified PATHS participants to increase their chances of getting hired by partnered companies.

Market Barrier

Heat pump deployment is contingent to the existence of a well-trained workforce in installation and maintenance of heat pumps. This workforce does not currently exist in numbers and skills adequate to accomplish this work.

Proposed Solution

Via the "career tools" program this pilot will provide graduate with HVAC service instruments, which are required of new employees and demonstrate candidates' initiative and experience in the eye of contractor companies. Providing instruments will also serve as an incentive to complete training. The program will also provide workforce placement and preparation services. Finally, this pilot will also facilitate the establishment of a PATH program in another Community College.

Theory of Change

Individuals who are properly prepared, with education, support, and tools, will be readily hired and retained in jobs in HVAC sector in general and in work involving heat pump installation and maintenance.

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Inland Empire, Southwest service territory