2022 Quick Start Grant Recipients

Viridis Consulting with Heather Village

Decarbonizing a Multi-Owner Equity Community

Research Question: Can an effort led by a homeowner association (HOA) within a historically excluded community with aging housing stock accelerate the transition to heat pumps at a lower cost per unit?


This pilot will fill a technical gap in understanding what it will take to electrify an entire community by using the decision-making of a homeowner association (HOA). Pilot activities include a technical feasibility study, updates to the HOA's charter to facilitate electrification, a demonstration project combined with owner education, and a streamlining process to gain buy-in.

Market Barrier

HOA rules governing the exterior appearance of buildings have been a barrier to the deployment of heat pumps in multifamily projects. In old buildings, high financial investment and the potential need for electric panel upgrades also present barriers to the electrification of aging housing stock.

Proposed Solution

The HOA will play a key role in this pilot's deployment by educating homeowners and streamlining the installation process. A feasibility study, combined with an electric heat pump water heater demonstration project, will address technical opportunities and challenges and kickstart the community’s path toward electrification.

Theory of Change

If an HOA governing structure is leveraged for purchasing economies of scale and to educate hundreds of homeowners simultaneously on the benefits of heat pumps, then entire historically excluded communities of aging housing stock can transition to heat pumps rapidly and at a lower cost per unit.

Project Status:

In progress

Housing Type:

Multifamily housing governed by an HOA


HPWH, HP HVAC/Mini-split (TBD)


Fox Hills neighborhood, Culver City