TECH Heat Pump Water Heater Demand Response Overview Webinar

Date: Oct. 27, 2023 - Oct. 27, 2023
Time Zone: Pacific
Location: (Virtual)

This webinar provides an overview of the demand response enrollment requirement for customers receiving TECH HPWH incentives, and explains the benefits of demand response and how contractors can help their customers enroll. Ten different demand response program providers present overviews of their programs to help contractors understand the choices their customers have for meeting the demand response enrollment requirement.

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Tags: HPWH, SGIP, Demand Reponse

Webinar Resources

Demand Response Overview Slides

Demand Response Overview Recording

Demand Response Program Availability

Available in Multiple Areas

  • OhmConnect
  • Day-Ahead Emergency Response (Voltus)
  • Capacity Bidding Program (CPower)
  • Demand Response Auction Mechanism (Enerspone)
  • GridPoint Intelligence
  • FlexSaver (AutoGrid)

Available for electric customers of SDG&E

  • AC Saver Thermostats
  • Virtual Power Plant Programs (Swell)

Available for electric customers of SCE

  • Summer Discount Plan, Smart Energy Program, other commercial Programs