TECH Clean California Publishes Annual Report Covering the First Program Year

June 2021 - June 2022

November 28, 2022

We are pleased to publish our first Annual Report for TECH Clean California. As we prepare for 2023, we want to recognize what we have learned and what we have accomplished through focus and collaboration. The guiding principle of TECH Clean California is to put the State on a pathway to six million heat pumps by 2030 and carbon-free homes by 2045.

We are doing this by focusing on our three pillars:

  1. Spur the clean heating market through statewide incentives, training, and consumer engagement
  2. Creating scalable models through regional pilots
  3. Informing California’s long-term building decarbonization framework

In our first reporting year, we enrolled over 900 contractors, installed or reserved incentives for over 20,000 units, and deployed $50 million in heat pump incentives. We developed training resources and brought new heat pump professionals to the market. And we are piloting and testing new ways to reach consumers to bring more equity to the incentive program.

Authorized by Senate Bill 1477, TECH Clean California is a market transformation initiative designed to increase the adoption of high-efficiency, low-emissions space and water heating technologies. Energy Solutions and its partners (TECH team) were selected via a competitive proposal process and launched the program in 2021.

With the legislature and federal government providing additional funding and added incentives for consumers and contractors, TECH will re-launch in early 2023 with even greater impact.

Read our 2021-2022 Annual Report here.