Public Data

Evaluation Studies

Information and documents presented on this page are made available to the TECH Clean California Implementation team by Opinion Dynamics, the TECH initiative evaluator. For more information, please contact Ellen Steiner (

Residential Building Decarbonization: Technology and Policy Brief

This report is the first in a series of briefs intended to summarize and synthesize market trends in California.

Access the report here: Residential Building Decarbonization Technology and Policy Brief - March 10 2022

California Heat Pump Market Characterization and Baseline Study

This study is intended to develop a market baseline of heat pump costs and a characterization of the California heat pump market, including air source heating and cooling heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, ground source heating and cooling heat pumps, heat pump clothes dryers, and heat pump pool heaters. The study also explored the opportunities and barriers of integrating heat pumps into affordable and market-rate new construction as well as gathered best practices for program design and implementation from other jurisdictions with mature heat pump programs.

Access the report here: California Heat Pump Residential Market Characterization and Baseline Study - May 17 2022

TECH Evaluation Plan

This report documents how Opinion Dynamics plans to evaluate TECH Clean California implementation and assess short-term and long-term market and program impacts.

Access the report here: Opinion Dynamics_TECH Evaluation Plan 2_25_2022

TECH Baseline Market Assessment

In this report, Opinion Dynamics characterizes the residential retrofit, space- and water-heating market in California in 2021. They examine homeowner preferences and decision-making around equipment replacement, as well as their awareness of home upgrade financing and heat pump rebates. They also investigate the availability of a qualified workforce to sell and install heat pumps, including their experience and confidence with heat pumps, and their promotion of heat pump rebates and financing. Finally, they assess the size of the heat pump market in California, looking into shipments and sales.

Access the report here: TECH Baseline Market Assessment Final Report

Customer Surveys

Opinion Dynamics has distributed surveys to single-family homeowners in two groups: one group representing a sample of the general public, and one group who received a TECH-incented heat pump on a biweekly basis. The purpose of these surveys is to understand decision-making and gauge satisfaction among TECH customers with contractor and installation.

Access the report summarizing results of surveys of customers who installed a TECH-incented piece of equipment here: TECH Single-Family Customer Post-Install Survey_Topline Findings_Q4 2022

Interim Process Evaluation - Coming Soon

This report is an interim process evaluation of TECH Clean California, conducted approximately eight months after TECH officially launched its incentives on December 7, 2021. This interim process evaluation assesses program design and implementation with a focus on the contractor experience, the customer experience, program operations, and whether program activities have been implemented as intended. The objective of this interim process evaluation is to illuminate opportunities for program optimization and identify lessons learned to inform program scalability.