2022 Quick Start Grant Recipients

350 Bay Area

A Fast Path to Clean Indoor Air

Research Question

Can a meantime fast path approach to heat pump deployment provide immediate and significant improvement to health and can it be cost effective?

Value for the TECH Incentive Program

Provide insight and data on the advisability of providing incentives for the deployment of portable heat pumps and under which conditions.


350 Bay area will pilot a “meantime”, fast path approach to heat pump deployment to improve human health and reduce natural gas use in a low-income urban area heavily burdened by PM.

Market Barrier

Electrifying the rental market faces several barriers (split incentive, state of the housing stock, …) and will take time to materialize.

Proposed Solution

Provide 30 households with a good air purifier and a portable heating and cooling heat pump system.

Theory of Change

Deploying portable heat pump system can unlock access to renters with limited-incomes and bring significant health benefits.

Housing Type:

Renters in naturally occurring multifamily affordable housing in urban area heavily burdened by particulate matter contamination.


Portable heat pump and air purifier


San Francisco Bay area, outside of AB 617 designated areas.